Runner’s World: South Africa’s Health Magazine

Runner’s World brings together sport and health enthusiasts all over South Africa. Health has become the number one priority, no matter where you are situated on the globe. People are forced by external environmental factors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Runner’s World is the magazine for those who enjoy running and living an active healthy lifestyle.

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Who said that stylish people aren’t a target group for brands. We can safely say, they are wrong. This community is more powerful than we can imagine and it is driven by fashion-forward individuals. Since 2012, the Style X Style portal has increased its audience by more than 25.000 unique visitors and more than 150.000 page views a month.

Targeting females? Vogue is the answer

Do you want to be sure that your message is read by the right female target group? Then consider Vogue. Vogue is one of the most popular magazines on a global scale. The fact that it’s available in different languages and different countries has given it the trust of many female consumers.